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Colorado Issues Cease And Desist Order To Redflex
Colorado Board of Licensure issues cease and desist order to red light camera company for violating state engineering laws.

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Red light camera operator Redlex Traffic Systems on Friday was ordered to immediately stop practicing engineering without a license in Colorado. A state Board of Licensure investigation confirmed that the Australian firm drew up plans for the installation of equipment on public property at intersections in Denver without using the services of a qualified engineer. The investigation was prompted by a complaint by Brian Ceccarelli, a licensed, professional engineer in North Carolina.

"The board realizes these issues are very important and carefully considered your complaint and the investigatory information gathered in this case," the board's program director, Joyce J. Young, wrote to Ceccarelli. "The board determined credible evidence exists that Redflex Traffic Systems practiced or attempted to practice engineering without a license. It was the decision of the board to issue the attached cease and desist order in this complaint. The board appreciates your bringing this situation to its attention."

Ceccarelli is known for his objections to the use of cameras to exploit overly short yellow warning times at intersections. He noticed the conduct of Redflex in Colorado was identical to that in North Carolina, where a licensing investigation last year found both Redflex and its main rival, American Traffic Solutions (now Verra Mobility) were violating the state's engineering laws. In Colorado, unqualified Redflex employees created the designs for the power panels, wiring and other equipment needed for the photo ticketing system at four Denver intersections.

"Respondent is not licensed, and has never been licensed to practice engineering in the state of Colorado," Young wrote in the order issued to Redflex. "On or about July 2008, respondent engaged in the unlicensed practice of engineering when respondent provided professional services to the city and county of Denver, Colorado... Respondent's conduct constitutes the unlicensed practice of engineering, in violation of Section 12-25-105(2), Colorado Revised Statutes."

Under Colorado law, the cease and desist order can be enforced by the state attorney general or Denver's district attorney. Individuals found to be practicing engineering without a license can be imprisoned for up to a year on a first offense. Subsequent offenses are a class six felony.

A copy of the order is available in a 100k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: PDF File Cease and Desist Order (Colorado Board of Licensure, 8/17/2019)

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