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2014 Year In Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2014.

The following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2014.
  1. Texas Motorist Wins $77,500 After Traffic Cops Steal Cash
    Estelline, Texas settles with innocent, elderly motorist who had $31,000 in cash seized from her by police during a traffic stop.

  2. License Plate Reader Technology Looks At Faces
    Police and private companies link facial recognition software to databases that track motorists, as automated license plate reader firm introduces a new tracking app.

  3. The 79th Anniversary Of The Parking Ticket
    The first-ever parking ticket was issued in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 6, 1935. Here is that ticket recipient's story.

  4. Illinois: Feds Charge Chicago Official Over Red Light Camera Bribes
    US attorney files criminal complaint against ex-Chicago, Illinois official Marty O'Malley for accepting red light cameras bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems.

  5. Indiana: Motorist Sues After Officer Takes Forced Urine Sample
    Cops use catheter in invasive procedure against Indiana motorist whose blood alcohol level was below the legal limit.

  6. Missouri Towns Sue County Voters Over Red Light Cameras
    Three cities in St. Charles, Missouri seek to invalidate the decision of three out of four residents who voted to ban red light cameras.

  7. South Dakota Enacts Most Sweeping Photo Ticket Ban In US
    Under a new law -- the first of its kind -- South Dakota license plates became invisible to photo enforcement cameras around the nation.

  8. Maryland Cities Tell Court Photo Tickets Do Not Need To Be Paid
    Federal appeals court rejects due process challenge after cities in Maryland argue that there is no penalty for not paying photo tickets on time.

  9. Federal Court: Cops Cannot Push Drug Dog Into Open Car Door
    Federal appeals court allows Utah motorist with religious license plate to sue cops who made a drug dog alert on a drug-free car.

  10. Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Driving Away From Cop At Window
    Wisconsin's high court tells drivers that they can drive away, ignoring a police officer knocking on their car window.

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