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UK: More Speed Cameras Attacked
Vigilantes spin an idle speed camera in Lancashire, UK while burning an active Peterborough device for the second time in two months.

Vigilantes in Lancashire, UK spun a speed camera around in an attempt to prevent the automated ticketing machine from functioning. Officials with the local speed camera partnership gleefully pointed out that the attack was in vain because the device, located at Audley Range in Blackburn, has been idle since 2005. Officials unplugged the camera after ticketing slowed following a number of downgrades to the driving conditions, including the installation of speed bumps. Officials conceded they will now remove the machine entirely.

A more successful attack in Peterborough burned the camera located on the A605 Elton bypass, leaving speed camera officials with a repair bill estimated at £37,000 (US $74,000). Just two months ago vigilantes had similarly destroyed the same device with fire, the Peterborough Telegraph reported.

Source: Blackburn vandals twisted speed camera bid (Blackburn Citizen (UK), 9/21/2008)

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