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Australia: Camera Tickets Cars Running Green Light
Red light camera in Warana, Australia generates tickets for cars that ran a green light. Officials promise to cancel citations.

Traffic signal
A red light camera in the Queensland, Australia suburb of Warana generated tickets today for cars that ran through green lights. A malfunctioning traffic signal at the intersection of Main Road and Nicklin Way skipped the red cycle and only displayed lights that were green and yellow, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported. The confused ticket camera, however, continued flashing motorists proceeding through the intersection legally on the green.

Crews were dispatched to repair the signal and direct traffic as soon as the problem was reported. The Queensland Department of Main Roads claims that it will cancel any ticket generated while the signal malfunctioned.

Source: Drivers see red over faulty traffic lights (Sunshine Coast Daily (Australia), 1/2/2008)

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