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UK Speed Camera Tickets Toddler
A two-year-old girl receives a notice of intended prosecution for speeding from a South Yorkshire, UK speed camera.

Toddler car
A South Yorkshire, UK speed camera accused a two-year-old of speeding 25 MPH over the limit. On October 31, police mailed a notice of intended prosecution to "Miss Ayesha Khan" claiming that the toddler, who cannot read, had been clocked at 65 MPH in a 40 zone on the A638 in Doncaster on May 27.

"Ayesha is only two years old, she cannot even reach the pedals of a car and can only just ride her bicycle," Sharna Khan, the girl's mother, told the London Evening Standard newspaper. "At first I assumed someone had been caught for speeding and just give a false name, but the ticket was issued from a speed camera."

The photographed vehicle's license plate did not match any owned by the Khan family. South Yorkshire Police apologized for the mistake, blaming faulty information in the vehicle registration database.

Source: Girl, 2, sent fine for speeding at 65mph (London Evening Standard (UK), 11/9/2007)

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