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UK Camera Cop Caught Selling Motorist Information
UK cop accused of stealing private motorist information from speed camera computers and selling it to others.

Andy Redman
A veteran UK police officer was arrested on October 17 for selling drivers' personal information that he obtained from databases linked to speed camera systems. Greater Manchester Police Constable Andrew Redman, 46, faces misconduct, perverting the course of justice and data protection charges. Another officer is under investigation as a possible accomplice.

Until last Wednesday, Redman was part of Operation Cheetah, a program designed to coerce motorists into paying speed camera fines instead of challenging them in a court of law, where drawn out trials can increase the cost of ticketing. Redman launched investigations of anyone who claimed not to have been behind the wheel at the time a photo ticket was issued. Fearing this, many drivers, regardless of their innocence, found that simply paying the fine was the safer and less stressful alternative.

Redman, who enjoys making model Mini Coopers in his spare time, is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. He is out on bail until January 14, 2008.

Source: Anti-speed cop arrested in data probe (Manchester Evening News (UK), 10/26/2007)

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