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UK Police Mail Speed Camera Ticket to a Blind Man
Police in West Yorkshire, UK issued a speed camera ticket to a blind man.

Blind men photo by lecercle/Flickr
West Yorkshire, UK police claimed that evidence from a speed camera proved that a man who was born blind had committed a speeding offense. At the time that the police claimed he had blasted past a speed camera, Mohammed Ilyas Ayub, 38, was in Pakistan where he runs a school for the blind. Ayub has never driven an automobile.

The police, without looking into the matter, forwarded the citation to Ayub after the original recipient -- thought to be a taxi driver who may have returned to Pakistan -- claimed Ayub was responsible.

"When I was first sent the letter telling me about this driving offense, my secretary had to read it to me," Ayub told Asian Image. "I just couldn't believe it, but actually I was also full of anger as I am someone who people respect in the community."

Source: Blind Man Gets Speeding Fine (Asian Image (UK), 8/6/2007)

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