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UK: Meter Maid Caught Fabricating Evidence
Manchester, UK meter maids caught fabricating evidence in a parking ticket case against an ex-cop.

The Printworks
A meter maid is under investigation in Manchester, UK after a former police officer offered evidence that he was framed for illegal parking. Brian Scott Ford, 63, received a £60 (US $120) ticket while legally parked outside the Printworks entertainment complex last May.

At the time of the incident, he photographed his car to preserve evidence of the scene. When Ford appealed his ticket, the city produced a photograph showing parking restrictions in effect where he had been parked. Because Ford had his own photo, he knew the city's picture, in fact, had been taken 400 yards away at another parking space.

"They tried to stitch me up," Ford told the Manchester Evening News. "Someone has gone out of their way to make the evidence fit, even though I was not parked illegally. I believe a report should be sent to the police. Someone has attempted to pervert the course of justice and as a result, attain money under false pretenses."

Under ordinary circumstances, Manchester meter maids take digital photographs of parking violations to be used as evidence in appeals hearings. In this case, officials claimed the photo of Ford's car was lost as a result of "technical" difficulties.

The adjudicator paid Ford £60 (US $120) to compensate for his troubles after finding him not guilty.

Source: Ex-cop framed by wardens (Manchester Evening News (UK), 4/14/2007)

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