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DC: Vendor Attempts to Buy Camera Contract Failed
ACS failed in its attempt to use political donations to buy renewal of a multimillion-dollar photo ticketing contract.

DC City Council
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) failed in its attempts to buy the renewal of the multimillion-dollar Washington, DC photo enforcement contract through political donations and influence. This week, ACS handed over the keys to its competitor, ATS, amidst allegations that ACS had sabotaged the system on the way out.

According to records reviewed by the DC Examiner newspaper, ACS gave then-Mayor Anthony Williams a $10,600 contribution toward a trip to Africa last year. The company doled out another $8500 to Mayor Adrian Fenty and five council members. ACS vice president Donella Brockington handed out another $3000 in cash to eight council members.

"ACS has always had a very good government relations effort," Councilman Phil Mendelson, who took $1300, told the Examiner. "And regardless of whether they gave contributions or not, they make a point of communicating with members on issues."

Source: Firm donated during traffic bid (Washington DC Examiner, 3/15/2007)

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