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New York City Wants 1000 Red Light Cameras
New York City, New York seeks to raise total red light camera revenue to a billion by 2010.

New York City DOT
Having raised $136 million from its red light camera program to date, New York City is looking to break revenue records by installing a total of 1000 photo ticketing machines. Just last December the city doubled the number of monitored intersections to 100, boosting expected revenue to $33.8 million a year. In 2005, with 50 cameras, the city mailed $15.3 million worth of tickets.

"Obviously, we can't cover enough of the city's 12,000 intersections with 100 cameras," Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall told the New York Post. "I believe that until we get a sufficiently bigger number of red-light cameras, this will stay on the city's legislative agenda for a long time."

The New York state legislature must approve the city's request for 900 additional cameras. Under the leadership of a then-New York Department of Transportation official Richard Retting, the city began ticketing drivers with red light cameras in 1993, the first program of its kind in the country. Retting now writes studies supporting the use of red light cameras for the insurance industry.

Source: CITYS RED EYES SEE STOPLIGHT TIX SURGE (New York Post, 3/4/2007)

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