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Modesto, California Red Light Cameras Increase Injuries
Injuries from accidents at red light camera intersections up 19 percent in Modesto, California.

Modesto, California
As red light cameras in Modesto, California are sending more people to the hospital, city officials have decided to double the number of intersections with the devices to increase revenue. Last year, each of the four intersections currently photo enforced experienced an increase in the number of collisions.

Although the total number of accidents is down slightly comparing 2006 figures to those in 2004 when the devices were first installed, accident severity has increased. Overall, the number of injuries at camera intersections jumped by 19 percent. A statewide Virginia Department of Transportation funded study of red light cameras arrived at nearly identical results in 2005.

The push for additional camera intersections is based on a "no cost" clause in Modesto's contract with Australian vendor Redflex which allows the city to adjust Redflex's compensation based on the low number of citations issued during the first twelve months of the program. As of last year, the program collected $1.1 million from the hefty $361 fines. After this amount was split between the state and Redflex, Modesto was left with no profit. The additional volume provided by four new intersections is expected to allow Modesto to begin making significant profit and avoid making any payment to Redflex as the cost neutrality clause expires.

A full copy of the Modesto Police report recommending more cameras is available in a 128k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: PDF File Informational Update on Red Light Enforcement Program (City of Modesto, CA, 1/16/2007)

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