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UK: Speed Cameras Scrambled, Scorched
Sussex, UK speed camera innards smashed with a crow bar and a Surrey camera in scorched.

A pair of UK speed cameras were destroyed and damaged early Monday morning. In Sussex, a speed camera had its innards scrambled by vigilantes who pried open the device and smashed the electronics inside. Sussex Speed Camera Partnership officials estimate the damage to the camera located on the A24 at £50,000 (US $98,000).

Around the same time, vigilantes damaged a camera on Reigate Hill in Surrey near Raglan Road. The Surrey Speed Camera Partnership vowed to have the the machine repaired promptly to minimize the lost ticketing.

In Thessaloniki, Greece yesterday, 3000 protested an education reform proposal. During the protest, a group used Molotov cocktails to destroy a traffic camera.

Source: Speed camera vandalised (Horsham County Times (UK), 1/31/2007)

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