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UK: Meter Maids Target Santa Claus
Lancashire, UK meter maids show no mercy to Santa Claus raising money for charity.

Santa Claus
Over the holiday, a meter maid in Lancashire, UK issued a parking ticket to a man who had been bringing joy to children and cash to a worthy cause. Dressed as Santa Claus, Andrew Bridge, 33, had raised over £3500 (US $6800) in just three nights.

The jolly Samaritan's crime was that, for five minutes, he parked his silver Renault Scenic as close as possible to Barclays Bank in Haslingden to deliver what he had raised for charity. He had collected six large containers of loose change which weighed more than 200 pounds -- a heavy load to carry from a distant parking space. For that, he was charged £30 (US $58).

"The amount of coinage being deposited was unprecedented at this branch, as obviously Father Christmas only comes once a year," a Barclays spokesman told the Lancashire Telegraph newspaper.

Rossendale Council declined to cancel the ticket after being informed of the circumstances.

Source: Santa Gets A Parking Ticket (Lancashire Telegraph (UK), 1/4/2007)

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