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Australia: Speed Camera Official Caught Doing Wheelies on Busy Road
A speed camera official in New South Wales, Australia is caught by a speed camera doing wheelies and burnouts.

Simon Arasakumar
A New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) official was photographed by Sydney, Australia speed cameras in July 2005 driving more than twice the speed limit and doing wheelies on a powerful Suzuki motorcycle. On Friday, Simon Arasakumar, 25, pleaded guilty before Downing Centre Local Court to driving at 141km/h (88 MPH), 135km/h (84 MPH) and 121km/h (75 MPH) in a 60km/h (37 MPH) zone on Blaxland Road -- only once riding with both wheels firmly on the ground. An associate of Arasakumar also recorded him performing a burnout in front of a police station. At the time, Arasakumar worked in the RTA's photo enforcement division.

Arasakumar's father holds a more senior RTA position as a former state "Staysafe Committee" member. Although less connected individuals accused of such driving are accused under "anti-hoon" laws with penalties that include vehicle confiscation, Magistrate Les Mabbutt convicted Arasakumar on only one count of speeding and imposed a 90-day driving ban. Mabbutt may impose further penalties next month for the damage done to the police station.

Article Excerpt:
Hoon photo
Source: Revhead rampager from RTA (Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), 11/26/2006)

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