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UK: Man Ticketed While Wife Dies of Heart Attack
A London, UK meter maid slaps a $95 ticket on the car of a man who had taken his dying wife to the hospital for emergency treatment.

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A meter made in northwest London, UK targeted the car of a man who had been taking his dying wife to the St Johns Wood Medical Practice. On his way, his wife's condition worsened and so he stopped in a no-parking zone and called an ambulance to rush her to Saint Mary's hospital in Paddington. The husband accompanied his wife who later died of the heart attack.

Although he left a note explaining the situation on his windshield, a meter maid left a £50 (US $95) parking ticket. One witness told the Evening Standard newspaper that the meter maid actually said, "It's not my problem, I've got a job to do," after being told of the tragic circumstances involved.

Westminster Council canceled the fine.

Source: Traffic warden tickets man as wife is dying (London Evening Standard (UK), 11/17/2006)

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