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UK: Man Disguises Car to Avoid Camera Ticket
A Cornwall, UK resident receives a harsh sentence for adding stripes to his car to avoid a speed camera ticket.

Speed camera photo of Fiesta
Last month, the Plymouth Crown Court convicted UK resident Sebastian Wensley, 22, of adding stripes to his car to avoid a speed camera ticket. In January, a camera accused him of driving his Ford Fiesta at 97 MPH in a 70 zone on the A30 in Cornwall.

The car in the January photo appears to be a plain blue Fiesta, but Wensley provided evidence that his car had two large white stripes and other modifications. He suggested that his car had been cloned and that the ticket should be voided. Police did not buy the story as they could see the driver in the photograph.

A judge imposed on Wensley a three-month suspended jail sentence, a £700 (US $1305) fine and 120 hours of community service.

Source: Man lied to avoid speeding ticket (BBC News (UK), 9/14/2006)

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