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UK: Stroke Victim Harassed Over Parking Ticket
UK bailiffs prepared to seize items from the home of a stroke victim over a parking ticket.

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Wiltshire, UK Bailiffs threatened to remove items from the home of Iain McGrory, 47, after a serious medical condition prevented him from appearing at a parking ticket hearing. McGrory was ticketed in Bath four months ago for parking in a handicapped space. The stroke victim had a legitimate disabled parking permit, but it fell from view.

McGrory needed time to gather the £110 (US $207) required to pay off the ticket, but the bailiffs did not wish to wait. Employees for CCS Enforcement Services entered his home, made an inventory of possessions and demanded £450 (US $850) on the spot.

"He was being very intimidating, demanding he had all the money or else my possessions would go," McGrory told the Wiltshire Times newspaper. "I just had this thought of the kids coming home from school and everything being gone."

McGrory was only able to keep his furnishings by convincing his father-in-law to make the payment over the phone.

Source: Stroke Victim Is Bullied By Bailiff (Wiltshire Times (UK), 9/28/2006)

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