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UK: London to Use Ticket Cameras on Bicyclists
London Mayor Ken Livingstone proposes to require licenses on bicycles to allow the use of photo enforcement.

Bicycle with license plate
London, UK Mayor Ken Livingstone suggested on Thursday that cyclists should be forced to place license plates on their bicycles so that they can be ticketed by red light cameras and speed cameras.

"I think, I'm now persuaded, we should actually say that bikes and their owners should be registered," Livingstone told LBC Radio. "There should be a numberplate on the back so that the ones breaking the law, we can get them off the cameras. It's the only way you can do it."

Since Livingstone introduced a congestion tax on motorists, the number of cyclists has jumped with 450,000 bicycle trips taken in Britain's capital city every day. The potential revenue generated by opening these trips to the congestion tax and photo enforcement is substantial. Livingstone also advocated ticketing pedestrians for jaywalking.

Source: Cycle numberplate plan to catch lawless riders - Britain - Times Online (London Times (UK), 7/27/2006)

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