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Regina, Canada: Accidents Increase at Camera Intersections
City report shows overall number of accidents, property damage and injuries increased after red light cameras installed in Regina, Canada.

Regina Police Service
A Regina, Canada city report shows that accidents increased overall by 12 percent with injuries jumping 8 percent and property damage by 14 percent at the three intersections where red light cameras were installed in October 2000. The report considered eight years of data from Saskatchewan Government Insurance at the monitored intersections -- four years before the devices were installed and four years after.

At Lewvan Drive and Dewdney Avenue, overall collisions skyrocketed 57 percent with a 44 percent increase in injuries. This surge in all types of accidents was caused by a 90 percent jump in the number of rear end collisions. At Albert Street and Parliament Avenue, the total number of accidents increased by 2 percent and the number of injury accidents jumped 3 percent. At Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive, accidents dipped 6 percent, but rear end collisions jumped 12 percent.

City officials dismissed the overall increase in accidents, property damage and injuries saying "the cameras seem to work well." The system has generated 7493 expensive citations between 2003 and 2005.

A full copy of the report is available in a 475k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: PDF File 2006 Red Light Camera Works and Utilities Report (City of Regina, 7/18/2006)

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