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UK: Rewards for Top Ticket Writing Meter Maids
A leader board tracks the top Milton Keynes, UK meter maids so that rewards can be given to the top parking ticket writers.

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Meter maids in the city of Milton Keynes, UK are getting tickets of their own for writing the greatest number of parking citations in a week. The winners in this contest get the title of "Top Dog" and prizes including movie tickets and time off from work.

A former meter maid for National Car Parks, the private company that issues tickets on behalf of the city, complained about the system to the Milton Keynes Citizen newspaper.

"NCP seem a bit obsessed with how many tickets everyone issues," the meter maid said. "If you finish the day with only seven, for example, you are hauled in to explain why. My argument was that there were only seven parking offences out there and we can't dish out tickets unfairly. Yet the company seems more concerned about its targets."

After inquiries from the local newspaper, NCP officials denied the leader board was intended to encourage more ticket writing and took the board down to prevent a "misunderstanding." The previous private contractor responsible for speeding tickets was also caught rewarding the meter maids issuing the most tickets.

Source: Ticket targets are under fire (Milton Keynes Citizen (UK), 7/14/2006)

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