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Australia: State Government Admits Cash is Goal of Ticketing
A job listing proves the New South Wales, Australia government is more concerned with ticket revenue than justice.

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The government of New South Wales, Australia today published a job listing that emphasized that the goal of camera and parking ticket adjudicators is revenue generation, not finding justice for motorists accused of breaking the law by cameras and meter maids. An advertisement from the NSW Treasury Office of State Revenue explained that the mission of a A$57,848 "Adjudication and Compliance Officer" is to "Provide a quality, timely and effective adjudication of camera and compliance related offences to ensure the maximum possible collection of fines."

The office is responsible for collecting traffic, parking, red light camera and speed camera fines. Last year it collected A$159 million in fines and A$46 million from a tax on parking spaces. The same office, however, is also charged with hearing appeals and reviewing charges against motorists.

View a 20k PDF of the job listing as it appeared on July 6, 2006.

Source: PDF File Adjudication and Compliance Officer job listing (New South Wales Treasury, 7/7/2006)

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