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UK: Captain Gatso Declares War on Speed Cameras
Motorists Against Destruction declare a zero-tolerance policy for speed cameras in the UK.

Captain Gatso
The mysterious leader of Motorists Against Detection (MAD), an anti-speed camera group, has declared a "zero-tolerance" policy for photo enforcement in light of statistics that show the devices have caused an increase in accidents. Captain Gatso, a Tony Blair mask-wearing family man in his 40s asserted his group would begin stepping up attacks.

"This will be civil disobedience on a grand scale," he told the Sunday Express newspaper. "We are planning to target any and all cameras until the government sees sense and re-thinks its road safety policy. Before we had speed cameras we had the safest roads in Europe. Since their introduction this is no longer true."

The group, which claims two hundred members, has been responsible for the destruction of between 600 and 1000 speed cameras since 2000. Newly developed technologies allow for camera destruction within a matter of seconds.

"Most of the organizing group are just ordinary blokes with families who are sick of us heading towards a police state," Captain Gatso said. "There will be a zero tolerance policy towards all cameras. We need to focus attention on what the cameras are about."

In Liverpool, an eighteen year old was arrested around midnight on June 14 for using a hammer to smash a speed camera on New Chester Road in Birkenhead.

Source: Gatso gang return (Sunday Express (UK), 6/18/2006)

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