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UK: Top Gear Camera Sabotage Tips Put to Use
Speed camera in Colchester, UK attacked with foam using method discussed on the BBC Top Gear program.

BBC Top Gear
BBC television's Top Gear program last week discussed two methods of sabotaging a speed camera. One of these methods was recently used on a UK speed camera. Celebrity cook Gordon Ramsay, who starred on Fox Network's Hell's Kitchen offered his favored approach.

"Bit of a chef's secret really," Ramsay said. "So the secret thing to do is get a catering pack of clean film and about half past two in the morning there's hardly any traffic on the road. Just pull over, jump on the side and wrap the thing in clean film. When it flashes it sort of smudges the number plate and it doesn't look sabotaged."

"My favorite is the Dutch trick," Clarkson said. "There's a tiny hole in the corner and they spray that quick-expanding builder's foam and it just bursts out of everywhere. It's really ruined."

"Don't do that," Clarkson added to the audience sarcastically.

Motor Torque documented the recent use of the foam technique to disable a speed camera located at Ipswich Road just off the A12 into Colchester. Motorists Against Detection (MAD) have used foam attacks for years.

Source: Speed Camera rage (Motor Torque (UK), 5/18/2006)

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