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UK: Pub Ban for Meter Maids, Tickets for One-Legged Man
A Devon, UK pub imposes a meter maid ban as Camden cracks down on one-legged man with $872 parking ticket.

Sign banning meter maids
Devon, UK pub owner Paul Thornton, 46, is so tired of meter maids threatening his business by harassing his customers that he has banned them from his bar. A sign in the window now reads: "By order of the management, all traffic wardens are barred from these premises." Thornton believes the meter maids are doing a disservice to the entire community and that their overzealous attitude is scaring patrons away.

Tim Cowan, an official with National Car Parks, the private company that issues tickets disagreed."The way in which we train our attendants is totally brilliant," he told the BBC.

In Camden, Peter Stapleton, 50, was given a parking ticket when he pulled over to adjust his artificial leg. A motorcycle accident claimed Stapleton's right leg when he was around 20 years old. Weeks ago, while driving, the artificial replacement came out of its socket and Stapleton pulled over on Mercer Street. He saw a meter maid and asked if he could park briefly to fix the problem in a friend's apartment. The meter maid said he could, but when Stapleton returned after a few minutes, he found he had been given a £100 (US $187) parking ticket.

"All I wanted to do was pick up my friend and go for breakfast by the river." Stapleton told the Hampstead and Highgate Express. "An unfortunate emergency took place and now I've been fined for it. The whole episode is sickening."

Since he refused to pay, the charge has jumped to £465 (US $872) and bailiffs threaten to come to his home within six days and take his car if he does not pay.

Source: Pub landlord bars traffic wardens (BBC News (UK), 5/19/2006)

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