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Australia: Freeway Speed Cameras Blown Away
Gunshots eliminate a set of speed cameras on a freeway in Geelong, Australia.

Princes Freeway
Speed cameras on the Princes Freeway in Geelong, Australia were seriously damaged by gunfire early Monday. Contractors began repairs Wednesday at the Point Wilson Road overpass with damage estimates running as high as $40,000. The devices will not generate revenue while work continues over the next several days.

The Princes Freeway has a total of eight cameras that have been active since January 30. In their first two days of operation, they issued 3000 speeding tickets.

This was not the first such incident on area highways. In December, gunfire caused $40,000 in damage to speed cameras on the West Gate Freeway. In April, an enraged golfer clubbed a speed camera in Geelong West.

Source: Freeway speed camera shooting (Geelong Info (Australia), 5/11/2006)

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