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UK: Speed Camera Burned, Van Smashed
A Mirfield, UK speed camera is burned as a stolen car rams a speed camera van in the Newcastle area.

Speed camera van
An attack on a speed camera on Huddersfield Road in Battyeford, Mirfield, UK succeeded in severely damaging the device on April 5 at 4:30am. A burning tire was used to render the machine incapable of issuing further tickets.

In Newcastle, a speed camera van that had been traveling along Crow Hall Lane in Cramlington attempted to pull over a Rover Metro on March 30 at 7pm. Instead, the Metro rammed the camera van and took off. The van failed in its attempt to catch the Metro, which turned out to have been stolen. The suspected car thieves have been arrested.

Source: Camera out of action (Huddersfield Daily Examiner (UK), 4/5/2006)

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