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Australia: Adelaide Traffic Cameras Declared Faulty
Faulty digital speed cameras in Adelaide, Australia are recalled. Sydney uses speed cameras with variable speed limit system.

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All nineteen of Adelaide, Australia's troubled red light and speed cameras were recalled on Tuesday. The devices have not worked since they were first installed in June 2005, despite the best efforts since February of an expert team flown in from the German camera firm Robot GMBH.

Robot claims the current problem is a software glitch preventing communication between the camera and the police. Previous hardware problems prevented the cameras from issuing accurate tickets. To prevent loss of revenue, the camera vendor has loaned ten wet-film speed cameras to the city and promises to send another ten. Without the cameras, South Australia would lose A$20 million (US $14.5 million). It could take months for the digital units to be repaired at the factory in Germany.

Meanwhile, Sydney has deployed a new speed camera system on the F3 Freeway that is linked to a device that automatically lowers the speed limit. If the system's sensor detects moisture, the speed limit drops from 100km/h to 90km/h (62 to 55 MPH) with the speed camera issuing a ticket to anyone who continues to drive at 100km/h. The A$2.3 million (US $1.7 million) setup includes a variable speed limit sign.

Source: Faults foil new speed spies (The Advertiser (Australia), 4/9/2006)

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