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UK: Insure Against Speed Camera Driving Ban
Insurance company will provide coverage for hiring limousine in the event of a speed camera driving ban.

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A UK company is offering an insurance policy that would cover all travel expenses in the event of a driving ban caused by speed camera points. The policy would pay for a taxi, train or even a chauffeur in the event the motorist acquires 12 points on his license from speeding -- drunk driving convictions are not covered. Currently, 5.4 million UK drivers have license points. Of these, nearly one-million are on the verge of a driving ban.

Medex Direct offers £6,000 (US $10,500) worth of coverage for those who opt for a £65 (US $114) annual policy and £15,600 (US $27,260) coverage for £125 (US $218). A chauffeured ride in a Mercedes limousine from Heathrow airport to Central London runs £150, meaning the top policy could cover about a hundred trips in style.

The LicenceGuard brochure notes, "you will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the insurer is unable to meet its liabilities to you."

Source: SPEED BAN LOOPHOLE SLAMMED (Daily Record (UK), 3/28/2006)

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