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UK: Meter Maids Target Funeral
Meter maids in Prestwich, UK dispatched to ticket mourners at funeral.

Our Lady of Grace, Prestwich
Meter maids set upon mourners at the funeral for Ron Cain, 72, at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Prestwich, UK. As four hundred turned out to pay their final respects to Cain who died of leukemia, four meter maids working for the firm NCP descended on a parking lot and issuing a total of fifteen £30 (US $50) citations during the service.

"They just laughed and grinned when the mourners tried to reason with them," widow Maureen Cain told the Manchester Evening News. "It's unbelievable really. Everything had gone beautifully but this has really upset me. These were all respectable elderly people."

The relatives attempted to hide the tickets from Mrs. Cain, but she could not help but notice them. Monsignor John Francis Allen, the parish priest, was likewise upset.

"These people are law-abiding citizens and there can't be any reason why the wardens couldn't use their discretion and common sense to show some compassion," Monsignor Allen said.

The Bury Metropolitan Borough Council stands by the tickets and has already refused three appeals.

Source: Mourners booked at funeral (Manchester Evening News (UK), 3/11/2006)

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