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UK: School Crossing Guards Protest Motorists
Manchester, UK lollipop ladies take to the streets to protest motorist revving.

Lollipop ladies
Manchester, UK school crossing guards -- also known as "lollipop ladies" -- staged a protest against motorists in Albert Square. The effort is part of an organized "Stop Means Stop for the Lollipop" campaign designed to remind drivers that they can be ticketed for failure to obey School Crossing Patrols (Highway Code Rules 87 and 186). A maximum fine of £1000 (US $1775) and three license demerit points applies to the offense.

The lollipop ladies say they feel intimidated when impatient motorists rev their engines to encourage slower children cross the road more swiftly. Manchester crossing guards now write down the license plate number of "inconsiderate" motorists so that they can be issued the expensive tickets.

Source: Lollipop people lick dangerous drivers (Machester Evening News, 1/25/2006)

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