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UK: London Police Caught Racing on Duty
Two London, UK police officers face trial after an on-duty 100 MPH highway race results in a spectacular crash.

Subaru Impreza P1
Testimony was heard today in an ongoing Guildford, UK Crown Court trial after a race between two on-duty police officers resulted in a spectacular crash. London Metropolitan Police Constable Sam Short, 32, drove the winning 2000 Subaru Impreza on the A316 near Sunbury in Surrey at speeds witnesses say exceeded 100 MPH.

The Porsche 911 of Constable Azim Choudry, 28, however, spun out of control during a lane change in an attempt to catch up to Short. Choudry's car became airborne and struck a tree five feet above the ground. Uninjured, the officers deny their driving was dangerous. Witness Philip Jones, traveling a steady 65 MPH at the time, said his car shook as the two blasted past.

UK police have enjoyed relative immunity to speeding charges, with only two percent paying the speed camera tickets they triggered in 2004. In May, a court found a West Mercia police officer not guilty when he was caught driving an unmarked car on public roads at 159 MPH without an emergency.

Source: Pcs raced each other at over 100 mph (London Telegraph (UK), 1/12/2006)

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