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UK: Man Fined $52 for Saving Two Lives
Thames Valley, UK Police want to fine an ambulance driver and raise his insurance rates for his actions that saved two lives.

Lee Schramm
Thames Valley, UK Police are refusing to drop charges against Lee Schramm, 25, an ambulance driver. Schramm is being fined £30 (US $52) and three demerit points on his license for driving a liver and a kidney to Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Lee was given just one and a half hours to make the 81-mile journey from Gatwick airport to the hospital in time to save the lives of two patients. The charges will significantly raise Schramm's insurance rates and jeopardize his employment.

Police do not care about the patients he saved, because he tripped a speed camera driving 36 MPH in a 30 MPH zone close to the hospital. Schramm's emergency lights were activated.

An Organ Transport Service spokesman told The Sun newspaper that every second counts when delivering organs. "There are set times that organs are viable in. Transporting organs is also dependent on factors like the availability of a surgical team to do the transplant operation."

Article Excerpt:
Furious Lee, from Canvey Island, Essex, said: "It's disgusting. I'm being penalised for doing my job. I am a safe driver. I had my blue lights on because it was an emergency job. I was flashed not far from the hospital. Four days later I arrived at work to find the letter from police. I called them straight away and told them the circumstances. But they would not back down. This is totally unfair."
Source: Medic hero's speed rap (The Sun (UK), 12/19/2005)

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