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Courts Act to Protect DC Camera Program
A pair of co-ordinated court decisions ensures Washington, DC is safe from refunding $1.5 million it earned from a faulty red light camera.

Daniel Wemhoff
Two District of Columbia court decisions have worked in concert to stop lawyer Daniel M. Wemhoff from securing refunds for 20,000 drivers who were nabbed by an inaccurate red light camera five years ago. In 2000, the city acknowledged the red light camera at H and North Capitol was faulty but refused to refund the money from thousands who had paid their tickets. The camera earned at least $1.5 million in six months.

A lower court decision refused to allow Wemhoff's suit to proceed unless he could name the motorists who received tickets. On Thursday a three judge appeals panel of the DC Appeals Court ruled that Wemhoff was forbidden from accessing to the names required to satisfy the lower court.

"I'm sure they're as much worrying about their pensions as whether these motorists are protected," Wemhoff told the Washington Examiner newspaper.

Washington, DC has issued more than two million citations worth $155 million since the ticket system became operational in 1999.

The full decision is available in this 120k PDF format file.

Source: Red light camera suit hits snag (Washington Examiner, 12/16/2005)

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