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Australia: Speed Camera Blasted by Gunfire
Freeway speed camera in Victoria, Australia is badly damaged by gunfire.

Installing West Gate camera
A speed camera on the West Gate Freeway in Victoria, Australia sustained severe damage early Tuesday morning from high-powered gunfire that shattered the camera's lens and riddled its housing with bullet holes. Officials estimate the damage at A$40,000.

The device had been controversial even before it was turned on. In November, passing motorists threw trash, fruit and other objects at the workmen who were installing the camera. "It took days for the guys to put up the cameras as cherry-pickers had to be used and the lanes closed," Altona North police Sgt Ian Vistarini told the Herald Sun.

Police are collecting ballistic evidence but have no suspects.

Source: Rogue drivers shoot at speed cameras (Herald Sun (Australia), 12/9/2005)

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