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Scottish Speed Camera Swiped, Welsh Camera Wounded
Throughout Scotland, Wales and England, UK motorists are expressing displeasure with the nation's speed camera regime.

Fingering motorcyclist
In all parts of the UK, a number of motorists are expressing displeasure with the nation's speed camera regime. Scottish motorists have captured their first victim in the war against automated ticketing. A speed camera previously located on the A68 Edinburgh near Lauder was surreptitiously removed. Lothian and Borders Police have no clue as to the current whereabouts of the ticketing device.

Meanwhile in the small Welsh town of Burry Port in Llanelli, motorists pelted a pair of cameras with rocks, smashing the glass photographic lenses. The attacks rendered the machine inoperable.

In the English town of Heacham in Norfolk, police are hunting for a motorcyclist in a blue jacket with white stripes who is deliberately triggering speed cameras at 60 MPH to deliver an image of his middle finger to the employees who review camera photos. With his license plate covered in mud, police are unable to track him down. The town of King's Lynn reports similar instances of unidentified motorcyclists extending their middle digits at speeds up to 70 MPH.

Source: Thieves lift speed camera (Evening Times (Glasgow, Scotland), 11/10/2005)

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