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Ho Chi Minh City Government Embraces Photo Enforcement
Vietnam's largest city has embraced photo enforcement, generating thousands in revenue.

Ho Chi Minh City
Last year, Vietnam's communist government began using traffic ticket cameras in Ho Chi Minh, its largest city with six million inhabitants. Since then, of the 231,000 impoverished motorists mailed a ticket, 60,000 have paid to generate 2.3 billion VND (US $140,000) in revenue.

Ho Chi Minh City uses both traditional stationary cameras and traffic officers armed with handheld cameras. Numerous motorists have received citations for violations they did not commit. One woman was does not know how to drive a scooter received a ticket after her live-in maid registered a scooter in her name. Nguyen Viet Dung was accused of 49 traffic violations until he was able to prove to authorities that he sold his scooter five years ago.

Residents have not taken kindly to the photo cameras. A policeman manning a photo enforcement camera was egged. "They got him right in the head," said a witness. Another camera cop was attacked as assailants attempted to liberate his expensive photo equipment.

Source: Vietnams traffic surveillance cameras: great fodder for comedy (Thanh Nien Daily (Vietnam), 11/2/2005)

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