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Australia: More Cameras to Monitor Speed Cameras
With three-quarters of New South Wales, Australia speed cameras coming under attack, the government wants more cameras to watch over the speed cameras.

Burnt speed camera, Bateau Bay
Violence against speed cameras in New South Wales, Australia has become so prevalent that Roads Minister Joe Tripodi announced yesterday that additional cameras will be installed at thirty-seven speed camera sites to watch over the state's photo radar machines.

"I have a message for would-be vandals -- there is now a greater chance of you being caught and prosecuted," Tripodi said.

Over the past two years, the network of 109 cameras has been attacked 74 times. Last November, a torched Queanbeyan camera cost A$110,671 to replace. Last July, a Ourimbah camera was pried open and the camera removed. Past efforts to monitor speed cameras with surveillance cameras has resulted in a string of attacks on the surveillance equipment immediately prior to attacks on the ticketing machines.

Last year, speed cameras generated A$54,069,259 in revenue for the NSW government. The state's top fifteen cameras generated over a million in revenue each.

Source: Camera vandals (Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), 10/16/2005)

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