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UK: Truck Driver Found Not Guilty of Waving
The UK High Court overturned the conviction of a milk truck driver for waving to motorists.

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The conviction of a UK milk truck driver for the crime of waving to motorists to warn of an upcoming speed trap has been overturned. Her Majesty's High Court of Justice found Charles Glendinning, 55, not guilty of obstruction of justice because there had been no evidence that the defendant actually slowed anyone down.

Police noticed Glendinning was waving to motorists ahead of the trap on the A303 in Somerset where officers had been issuing one ticket every minute. Government prosecutors had argued that the purpose of the trap was to catch people, therefore Glendinning's efforts thwarted the police. The High Court judges suggested Glendinning's effort to "prevent speeding" should be appreciated.

Source: Lorry driver cleared of waving (BBC News (UK), 10/13/2005)

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