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Edinburgh: Anti-Motorist Policies Cause Budget Deficit
Motorists avoid Ediburgh, Scotland's increased parking fees and driving restrictions causing a budget deficit.

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Increased fees, construction zones, and street layout changes have caused motorists to avoid Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. As a result, parking revenue has plunged £780,000 (US $1.4 million) with the policies causing a city budget shortfall of £1.45 million (US $2.54 million) overall. Motorists have avoided Edinburgh in favor of nearby shopping areas with free parking, and increased parking charges have failed to raise the amount of revenue expected.

"The ruling Labour group have made it impossible to get into the city centre," Conservative Councillor Allan Jackson told the Edinburgh Evening News. "The Central Edinburgh Traffic Management scheme is a shambles. The council has killed the goose that laid the golden egg."

Article Excerpt:
Les Smith, 69, retired army officer, Redford Bank: "The council have put the price up way too high. The council can say what it likes about trying to stop congestion in the city centre, but I think its a money making exercise. The problem boils down to the fact we've got a profligate council, which spends money here, there and everywhere."
Source: Stay-away motorists leave city 800,000 short on parking fees (Edinburgh Evening News, 10/10/2005)

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