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Australia: Minor Speeding Violations Bring in Millions
On three South Australian roads, speed camera violations of less than 6 MPH brought in $2.5 million in revenue.

King William Road
Drivers in South Australia are finding themselves increasingly fined for driving less than six miles per hour over the speed limit. The government raised A$2.5 million last year from drivers caught less than 60 km/h in a 50 km/h zone.

The most profitable, King William Road, is six lanes wide and has no posted speed limit. Drivers often don't realize the limit is lowered, without signs, to 50 km/h as the road passes from a rural area into the Adelaide city limits.

"It's like saying 'welcome to the city -- and here's a $200 fine'," Adelaide City Councillor Anne Moran told The Advertiser. The state government rejected attempts to raise the speed limit and even to post speed limit signs on the road.

The 50 km/h default speed limit rule is under challenge in court.

Source: Earn a quick buck (The Advertiser (Australia), 9/18/2005)

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