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Fresno Dumps Red Light Cameras
Red light cameras no longer issue citations in Fresno, California.

As of yesterday, the trio of red light cameras operating in Fresno, California since 2002 are no longer issuing tickets. The city council declined to extend its contract with Nestor Traffic Systems, which operates the cameras, because the company failed to deliver the promised level of revenue.

Before securing the lucrative Fresno contract, Nestor had forecast that the city would keep $1.1 in annual profit from the program. On average, however, the system generated just $528,000 in revenue with the city keeping a net profit of $20,000 after the vendor and the state each took their cut of the hefty $340 citation. A series of technical problems plagued the program from the beginning, further limiting revenue.

City Council Member Cynthia Sterling told the Fresno Bee that the program, "just didn't work." The council refused to accept a flat-rate contract option that could have resulted in the city paying to operate this public safety program.

Source: Fresno scraps traffic cameras (Fresno Bee, 9/1/2005)

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