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UK: City Spends $20K on Speed Camera Urinal Ads
Essex, UK is paying for advertising space on urinals to promote speed cameras.

Essex advertisement
The Essex Safety Camera Partnership in the UK paid £11,000 (US $20,000) to advertise its speed camera program on eleven nightclub urinals. The ads, designed to promote speed cameras to a young audience, will run for eight weeks. The full promotional campaign, which cost a total of £60,000 (US $108,000), also includes handing out keyrings, pens and other items as well as advertising with posters on buses.

The Member of Parliament for Chelmsford West, Simon Burns, is outraged. "It just bolsters the impression that these speed camera organisations are left to grow and make money," Burns told the East Anglian Daily Times. "I consider myself a fairly average motorist in Essex and I've not seen or heard about any of these campaigns, so they've obviously not been very successful in getting the message across."

The East Anglian Daily Times also revealed the Essex Police used mobile cameras to generate £500,000 (US $900,000) a year in additional overtime payments for the force.

Article Excerpt:
Nick Rawlings, managing director of Stennik Advertising, which also hosts and maintains the partnership's website and designs its letterheads, said: "A lot of the money goes on buying media space. We've been looking at new ways of getting messages across and if we want to target young male drivers, then putting up posters above urinals in clubs and bars seems a good idea."
Source: 60,000 spent on speed camera PR (East Anglian Daily Times, 8/26/2005)

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