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Australia: Speed Camera Photo Doctoring Alleged
Victoria, Australia's shadow Attorney General charges that speed camera operators are intentionally manipulating evidence.

Andrew McIntosh
Shadow Attorney General Andrew McIntosh suggests there is cheating going on with Victoria, Australia's speed camera system, saying that the program had become a "complete rort." In addition to the various accuracy concerns raised recently, the Herald Sun cites two court cases where speed camera photos have been altered.

A man charged with driving 134km/h in a 60km/h zone was provided with a darkened photo of his alleged offense, making it impossible for him to see what was happening in the background. In court, however, the state produced a "clean" version of the photo as evidence. Expert testimony convinced the judge that the photo showed he could only have been driving between 58 and 68km/h.

Another driver accused of driving 78km/h in a 60km/h zone was provided a distorted photo that had been digitally stretched thirteen percent.

"This is pretty poor form, for the photographs you pay for to be deliberately distorted," McIntosh told the Herald Sun. "I think it seems intentional."

Article Excerpt:
Dr Garwoli said an inquiry ought to be held. "The problem is the operators don't comply with what is written down in the police operating instructions manual." He said the manufacturer stated cameras were accurate to a variation of plus or minus 3km/h. He said more inconsistencies in setting up the cameras meant they were accurate only to within 10 per cent. "Anyone booked with a variation of 10 per cent has not been booked for speeding, they've been booked for profit," he said.
Source: Doubts on speed cam photos (Herald Sun (Australia), 8/18/2005)

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