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Davenport, Iowa Red Light Camera Accidents Up
Rear end collisions up as Davenport, Iowa makes $234,000 on its red light camera program.

Davenport, Iowa
Rear end collisions are up in Davenport, Iowa according to a study of data comparing accidents from October 2003 to June 2004 and the same time period a year later after red light cameras were installed. Gary Statz, the city's traffic engineer says that the report also shows angle collisions are down, but "not significantly."

At Kimberly and Welcome Way, for example, the average number of accidents overall jumped from 12 to 14.7 as a result of a 220 percent increase in the number of rear end collisions

"From our data it is very apparent that the wrecks have nothing to do with the cameras," said Statz as he explained to the Daily Nonpareil how the cameras were only responsible for the accidents that didn't happen. Davenport has issued 3600 tickets, generating $234,000 in revenue, half of which goes to bankrupt Australian vendor Transol.

Besides Davenport, the only other Iowa city to use cameras is Council Bluffs which generated $9230 in its first week of operation. Australian camera vendor Redflex will receive 76.9 percent of the revenue. The first tickets will be mailed August 22, meaning residents who receive a citation in the mail will have to think back nearly three weeks to remember what happened if they wish to contest the ticket.

Source: Davenport is the only other town in (Daily Nonpareil (Iowa), 8/14/2005)

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