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Cannock, UK Speed Camera Burned
A speed camera destroyed by burning fire in Cannock, UK.

A speed camera in Cannock, UK was reduced to burning rubble around midnight on Thursday. The device located on the A5 past Hatherton was set ablaze with tires. The same technique had been used last year on a nearby camera on Avon Road. Other cameras in the region had been attacked by paint or gunfire last year.

Article Excerpt:
Staffordshire County councillor Janos Toth... said: "There has been a number of these vandal attacks on speed cameras throughout the Chase district. I know people in Cannock have become frustrated with speed cameras but they do an excellent job in preventing excessive speeding which in turn causes accidents."
Source: Arson attack on speed camera trap (Express and Star (UK), 8/5/2005)

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