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Davenport, Iowa Red Light Camera Causes Accidents
Accidents are up 22 percent in Davenport, Iowa following installation of red light cameras.

Davenport, IA
After a little over 11 months of red light camera enforcement in Davenport, Iowa, the average number of accidents has increased for at least one of the five monitored intersections. The average number of accidents at Kimberly and Welcome Way has jumped from 12 to 14.7 as a result of a 220 percent increase in the number of rear end collisions. These findings are consistent with long-term studies showing significant increases in accidents when cameras are used.

The intersection of 35th and Harrison streets had a very small number of accidents prior to the cameras and the police claim no angle or rear-end collisions have happened since the devices were installed.

Since the devices were installed last year, Davenport has collected $260,000 in revenue distributing $128,000 to the bankrupt Australian vendor Transol and keeping $132,000 for the city treasury.

Source: Numbers show red-light cameras prevents some crashes, cause others (WQAD-TV (IA), 8/2/2005)

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