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Cincinnati Mayor Vetoes Red Light Cameras
Cincinnati, Ohio mayor vetoes ordinance that would have allowed red light cameras.

Mayor Charlie Luken
Cincinnati, Ohio Mayor Charlie Luken vetoed a controversial measure authorizing the installation of red light cameras following the city council's adoption of the ordinance by a 5-4 vote today. Luken suggested the true motivation behind the legislation was financial.

"I appreciate the comments about safety," Luken said. "But let's be honest with the public. We didn't think about this until we came up with a budget problem."

The city has also tested speed cameras which proponents saw as a way to generate between $2 and $12 million in yearly revenue. Legislation that would effectively ban the use of both red light and speed cameras throughout the state has passed the Ohio House and is pending in the Senate.

Source: Red light cameras vetoed (Cincinnati Enquirer (OH), 6/22/2005)

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