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Houston Light Rail Runs Red Lights
Houston, Texas is pushing for red light cameras, but the city's own light rail is guilty of running red lights.

Houston MetroRail
As Houston, Texas officials continue their push to install red light cameras to ticket motorists, it turns out one of the most dangerous red light runners in the city is no motorist. The city of Houston itself is running red lights with a light rail system that has already claimed one life this year.

Local television station KPRC uncovered video evidence of a train essentially running a red light following a tip from a motorist who witnessed a train disregarding a stoplight signal. It was the second such incident in a week. Houston's trains have their own signal system which is linked to the traffic signals for motorists.

Since it began operations in the city, Houston's MetroRail system has been involved in nearly one hundred accidents, including one fatal crash this year. Just yesterday, two individuals suffered minor injuries after a MetroRail train collided with a car at Main and Alabama in Midtown. On Monday, another MetroRail train had crashed with a van at Main and Dallas.

Article Excerpt:
"It was really kind of frightening because I am looking at the light thinking, 'Wait a minute. Wait a minute. (My) light is green.' I was watching it as the train went through and still it was green," witness Dale Higginbotham told Local 2. After experiencing the near miss, Higginbotham called the Troubleshooters, who obtained a copy of the video taken on board the train.
Source: Onboard Camera Shows Train Running Red Light (KPRC-TV, 6/21/2005)

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