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Ohio City Rejects Ugly Red Light Cameras
The mayor of Trotwood, Ohio objected to the installation of red light cameras on aesthetic grounds.

Dowtown Trotwood
Trotwood, Ohio Mayor Donald K. McLaurin objected to the installation of red light cameras on aesthetic grounds. "I do not want the character of this city to be imposed upon by these large structures sitting along our roadsides throughout our community," Dayton Daily New quotes McLaurin as saying. "We want to be able to determine what the standards are for our city and what our community will look like."

Trotwood is currently renovating its town center and wants to keep a pleasant, suburban look and the standard cameras appear out of place. The mayor said Australian camera maker Redflex would have to come up with more attractive cameras before the city would install them.

The mayor is also concerned with the economic impact. "I don't want people worried about getting a ticket in the mail and then deciding to go to the next community to shop so they don't have to deal with all of this," he said.

Article Excerpt:
According to Ward 2 Councilman Rap Hankins, "The resolution was not agreed upon at the Monday meeting, but council gave permission for acting City Manager Michael J. Lucking and Safety Director Mike Etter to sit down with Redflex again to redetermine what the wording of this agreement would be and then bring it back to council for approval."
Source: Trotwood exploring red light cameras Mayor wants to maintain city's suburban look (Dayton Daily News (OH), 6/16/2005)

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