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Australia: Car Seized for Loud Engine Revving
Police in Port Lincoln, Australia have seized their first automobile under an anti-hooligan law.

On Saturday, police in Port Lincoln, Australia seized a red Holden Commodore belonging to a 17-year-old driver accused of speeding and "excessively loud engine revving." They held the vehicle for 48 hours, even though the driver had not received a trial.

Since February, the "anti-hooligan" law has seized 100 automobiles for doing burnouts in addition to 76 confiscated for other covered offenses. The law allows police to keep the car for three months on a second offense and permanently on a third.

Article Excerpt:
Police now have the authority to random breath test any driver they stop. The State's assistant police commissioner yesterday announced a State-wide road safety operation with at least 200 SAPOL officers dedicated to road duties.
Source: Police lock up first hoon car (Port Lincoln Times (Australia), 6/9/2005)

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